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Sandpiper Apartments
Porthenor properties
Harbour Lights and Smuggler's Ride apartments

Holiday accommodation on the Isles of Scilly

Whether you want to stay in a top hotel, a self catering cottage or apartment, a cosy bed and breakfast or a romantic beach-side campsite - there's something here to suit every taste. You can either look through our complete listings, linked below, or check out our latest vacancies and special offers page.

Start by selecting your preferred type of accommodation from the list below:


: A guest house offering bed, breakfast, and also evening meals (but not necessarily throughout the year, or every night).

: A guest house offering bed and breakfast, but no evening meals.
: A property where you can prepare your own meals in the kitchen or kitchen area.

The majority of accommodation properties listed on the above pages are on St Mary's - simply because it is the largest island, with the most accommodation available.

For off-island accommodation you can also search by selecting your preferred island from this map.



Beaches and Lemon Tree
Bell Rock Hotel
Porthmellon Hall
Annet Cottage

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