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Vacancies and special offers at Albany and Thurleigh Flats, and Waverley house

For full information about Albany, Thurleigh and Waverley, please visit our main website.

Vacancies 2016

- 10th - 17th May
- 24th May to 7th June
- 3rd - 10th August (2 flats), 11th August - 1st September
- 15th September onwards
- throughout October, at the reduced price of £350 per week or £50 per night.

- 3rd - 17th August
- 24th August - 7th September
- 21st September onwards, at the reduced price of £350 per week or £50 per night.

- 5th - 13th May
- 20th - 27th May
- 16th September onwards

To make a booking, or for any other enquiries, please contact
Issy Trenear on 01720 422601, or email us at

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