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Gaia statue, in the Abbey Gardens
Gaia statue, in the Abbey Gardens
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About the Isles of Scilly - Tresco

Tresco is the second largest of the islands, with an amazing variety of scenery, from the wild and wind-swept North of the island, to the sub-tropical Abbey Gardens and numerous sandy beaches in the South.

It is also the only island which is privately leased from the Duchy by a single family - the Dorrien Smiths.
Most of the accommodation and facilities on Tresco are run by the family under the auspices of 'Tresco Estate', which gives it a slightly different feel to other parts of the Isles of Scilly (more comprehensively managed, with a more 'manicured' appearance). Facilities on the island include timeshare and rental holiday cottages (including Sea Garden Cottages, at the old Island Hotel), The Flying Boat Club (leisure club and restaurant), The New Inn, The Ruin Beach Cafe, Gallery Tresco, Tresco Stores, and Tresco Abbey Gardens.

Our where to stay pages include listings for some independent accommodation on Tresco, but for further information about accommodation and facilities run by Tresco Estate (including the Hell Bay Hotel on the neighbouring island of Bryher), visit the Tresco website.

We have to also mention the annual Tresco Triathlon, which took place for the fourth time in June 2013, with ScillyOnLine's own Rob Carrier and Susie Taylor both completing the course (in 12th and 39th places, respectively). It's a superb event, which we wholeheartedly recommend to any experienced or novice triathlete - come for a short break, take advantage of the triathlon 'special offer' (reduced price accommodation and travel), and give it a go. The setting is spectacular!




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