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Things to buy from the Isles of Scilly

This section of ScillyOnLine aims to provide information on how to buy products from the islands all year round. Perhaps you saw something while you were on holiday and wished you'd bought it once you got home. Or maybe you've got the 'Scilly bug' and want a reminder of the islands to get you through the winter months. Either way, this section is for you.

We hold basic listings (including phone numbers) for all the main food shops, clothing shops, souvenir shops, and other shops on St Mary's, along with the main off-island shops. We can't guarantee that all shops will be willing to send items by mail order, but many are, so give them a call to find out. Listings are provided for free, so please mention ScillyOnLine if you place an order.

For a more unique item, why not contact one of the many artists and craftspeople on Scilly? Contact details are available on our galleries and craft workshops page.

There are also a small number of businesses on the islands that make products locally, to sell online or via other shops (but don't themselves have a shop open to the public). These include:

  • 28 miles (handmade soap and related products, using locally grown essential oils), St Agnes.
    (01720) 422139,
  • The Little Island Chocolate Company (handmade organic chocolate incorporating island-grown essential oils), St Agnes.
  • Hanpainted (gifts handmade and hand-painted by Hannah), St Mary's. 07974 438172, Made to order or available to buy from The Airfayre Lounge, Scilly Gems, Cut Loose Salon and Bryher Boatyard.


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