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Things to do on the Isles of Scilly

There are lots of things to do on Scilly, from sailing to bus tours, but don't forget that part of Scilly's charm is that you don't have to be busy all the time. You're sure to want to spend at least some of your time soaking up the relaxed atmosphere.

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Exploring Scilly

The one thing you are sure to want to do is to explore the islands, and there are lots of ways to chose from.

Of course, there are lots of boat trips to the various inhabited and uninhabited islands, including scheduled services from St Mary's Boatmans Association, and more personal trips by smaller providers. For more information and contact details, go to our travel page.

To see the islands from a unique perspective try a wildlife rib ride with Island Sea Safaris.

There are also bus tours of St Mary's, including Island Rover (01720 422131, operates daily at 10.15 & 13.30) and the classic tour bus 'Katie bus'. These include commentaries about local history and places of interest. Bus tours leave from the strand in the centre of Hugh Town.

For the more energetic, you can explore St Mary's at your leisure by hiring a bike. There are now two options for bike hire: either collect a bike once you are here from St Mary's Bike Hire, now situated on Porthmellon Business Park (contact them on 07796 638506) or reserve a bike through 'Book a bike on Scilly' (01720 422786 or 07887 841033) and they will deliver it to your holiday accommodation for you for free.

Guided walking tours of the Islands are also available. Resident ornithologist and naturalist Will Wagstaff runs Island Wildlife Tours (01720 422212), offering a daily walk either on St Mary's or one of the off-islands. For daily itinerary, see Will's board on the quay. Archaeologist Katharine Sawyer (01720 423326) leads archaeological and historical guided walk around St Mary's on a regular basis throughout the season.

However you chose to explore, make sure you pay a visit to Carreg Dhu Community Garden in the centre of St Mary's.



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