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Weather on the Isles of Scilly

The weather is a very important part of living on or visiting Scilly. We have a maritime climate, very mild winters (the lowest recorded temperature in the period 1941-71 was only -5°C) and an early spring.

The mean temperature in January is 7.5°C

Graph of sunshine hours

We are, of course, just 28 miles from the coast of the mainland UK, and we therefore experience the full range of British weather conditions - including rain, fog (which can delay the plane and helicopter services to and from the islands) and some spectacular Atlantic storms.

Weather reports for sailors

Normal Weather Reports - Lands End Radio Broadcast on VHF Channels 27 and 64 at the end of 1st silence period storm warnings and at 0303, 0903, 1503 and 2103, weather messages on request.

BBC Radio 3 (90.2 - 92.4 MHz) at 0655 valid until 1800 for coastal waters
BBC Radio 4 (88.0 - 92.0 MHz) (storm warnings only) Forecasts and weather at 0033, 0555 (followed by inshore forecast) 1355 and 1750.
Shipping forecast from BBC

Scilly falls on the boundary between four shipping areas (Fastnet, Lundy, Sole and Plymouth) but local people say that the forecast for Plymouth is the most accurate for Scilly.

In the BBC 'Reports from Local Stations', Scilly has its own station, 'Scilly Automatic', and you will hear the local weather condition just prior to the broadcast.

Inshore Forecasts - Announced by HM Coastguard on VHF Channel 16 but broadcast on Channel 67 every 4 hours (local time) starting 0140.
Inshore Waters forecast from BBC

Strong Wind and Gale Warnings (Force 6 and above) - Broadcast on Channel 67 every 2 hours starting 0140.

The local weather report is displayed at the Tourist Information Centre and St Mary's Harbour Office.

For a full description of the terms used in the forecasts, go to our weather forecast glossary page


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